We will be participating in industry events and conferences - virtually and in-person where possible. The Space business is a People business, and we value opportunities to share knowledge. Add these dates to your diaries, and contact us to schedule a time for us to exchange perspectives and ideas.

30th March-1st April 2021

Simulation for European Space Programmes

The technical domains of the SESP workshop can be sorted into four main themes, each with its own specific topical objectives: Modelling and Simulation, Electrical Ground Support Equipment, System Information Management and Standards.

26th-29th April

SSSEO 2021

The symposium will provide a forum for scientists, engineers and managers to exchange information about planned and on-going programs and missions, and present new ideas, covering small satellite mission objectives as well as technology and management aspects for dedicated Earth observation satellites.

18th-20th May 2021

Big Data From Space 2021

The 2021 edition of the Big Data from Space conference will emphasise not only on the insights that can be retrieved from Big Data from Space but also on the exploitation of these insights for foresight.

1st-3rd June 2021

ESA Cubesat Industry Days

A forum to exchange information on the latest industry developments and future priorities in this innovative and dynamic segment of the space sector.

7th-11th June 2021


This event will explore and discuss the emerging space-based solutions to address the challenges and opportunities of today’s and tomorrow’s digital economy.

28th-30th June 2021

Reinventing Space
London, UK

The 18th conference will focus on the environmental and sustainability issues around space exploration – such as space debris, environmental impact of spaceports, and Earth observation, and also on the opportunity for the space industry to contribute to economic recovery following Covid-19.

7th-12th August 2021

Small Satellite Conference
Logan, Utah and Online

The 35th Annual Small Satellite Conference will explore the realm of the possible in new space mission operations and autonomy enablers that will drive the speed of information exchange.

23rd-26th August 2021

36th Space Symposium
Colorado Springs

Bringing together leaders from commercial, government and military space from around the world, the Space Symposium provides a forum to discuss, address and plan for future achievements in space.